Enemies Edit

Fortress of Koth Edit

Sprite entities foe skeleton 01


"The animated remains of the anonymous dead. They rove these hostile planes in packs.

How did so many come to die in a place like this?"

Layers 1-4
They do not fire bullets, but they will chase after you in large groups.
Sprite entities foe skeletonred 01

Blood Skeleton

"A demon power infused skeleton covered in demon blood.

It shakes with a terrible intensity and moves with grim purpose"

Layers 1-3
They don't shoot bullets, but they move towards you at a faster speed.
Sprite entities foe skeleton knight 01

Skeleton Warlord

"The animated remains of some dead general. It commands ranks of lesser dead. 

Their armor is pitted and tarnished from centuries of bloodshed. Who or what commands these fiends?"

Layers 1-3
Fires 3 bullets periodically.
Sprite entities foe skeletonblack 01

Skeleton King

"Could this truly be the remains of some long dead king? A dead king in his court of home.

"He is a king whom emperors have served" - Mr. Wilde"

Layers 1-3
Sprite entities foe modron 02


"An alien being combining organic and planar biology. Its motives and goals are inscrutable.

Typically they flee when confronted. Could these beings be prisoners in this realm?"

Layers 1-3
Moves away from you.
Sprite entities foe mindflayer 01

Lesser Starchild

"A lower order Starchild possessing significant arcane power.

They seem to be attempting to communicate but are always extremely hostile. I cannot comprehend their motives..."

Layers 1-3
Fires bullets in four directions.

The Ossein Swamp Edit

Sprite entities foe swampcultist 01

Swamp Cultist

"Some offshoot race of men reside and worship in these swamps. The night air resonates with their unholy song.

No, these cannot be men! I have witnessed the unspeakable beneath their hooded masks. Ah!"

Layers 1-3
Shoots slower, wider bullets.
Sprite entities foe kobold 01


"Some craven mongrel thing. Not quite reptilian nor canine. They gather in foul packs, yapping all the while.

I can still hear their awful piercing barks echoing across the mire."

Layers 1-3
Runs toward the player
Sprite entities foe myconid 01

Spore Muffin

"Some wild, walking fungus creature native to these swamps. Even the flora here are restless.

When I first encountered these things, I was reminded of a jovial muffin. Oh, but they explode in a most terrible fashion."

Layers 1-3
Explodes in spores.
Sprite entities foe deepone 01

Deep One

"Some throwback to evolution's forgotten epochs gone awry. Fish were not meant to walk on land.

They do seem quite cowardly but their slimy breath is foul. I'll never forget the odor."

Layers 2-4
Spits out bubbles.
Sprite entities foe displacerbeast 01

Warp Hound

"These abominable hounds! They somehow slip through rifts in space and try to surround me. 

When you hear the soft footpads run across the moor, beware. For the Warp Hounds draw near."

Layers 2-3
Warps when in danger.
Sprite entities foe slimepink 01

Pink Mother Slime

'"A pulsating, gelid mass of plasm. It strains and writhes as if it would split in two.

I can't say I've ever seen a more hungry thing. What a pitiable mindless wretch!"

Layers 2-4
Splits in two.
Sprite entities foe slimepink 18

Pink Child Slime

"Unspeakably vile! The bloated thing split in two! 

It's strange. Instead of rejoining the separate parts live on. Yet they look somehow lost without the other. I can't describe it."

Layers 2-4
Splits in two.
Sprite entities foe slimepink 31

Pink Grandchild Slime

"Of all the most foul...they've divided and now they're after me again!

The ground is crawling with peering gaping eyes! Steady, old boy...",

Layers 2-4
Sprite entities foe gug 01


"What abortion of mortal organic reason is this?! It resembles a man, but that face!

These brutes and their foul screaming gullets...there must be a way out of here!"

Layer 3
Runs towards you.

Maze of IxEdit

Sprite entities foe evileye 01

Evil Eye

"A mysterious winged eye restlessly flying through this forsaken labyrinth. What strange sights have they witnessed?

I feel a strange kinship with this "wandering eye" as if I've been called to witness something grand in my travels here."

Layers 1-3
Hovers over you.
Sprite entities foe grell 01


"First I heard the piercing call of a bird of prey and then I saw...I saw...dear god, I cannot unsee!

Then with a searing intensity the beaked thing spoke directly into my mind. I must not and won't recall what impressions were conveyed!"

Layers 1-3
Moves away from you.
Sprite entities foe slimegreen 01

Green Mother Slime

"These vile willing pustules claim these halls as their home? I must be on my way.

Being in the presence of these things feels as if I am trapped in some macroscopic prison. Like some man sized amoeba."

Layers 1-3
Splits in two.
Sprite entities foe slimegreen 16

Green Child Slime

"Again, the vile mitosis of the parent gives birth to these pulsating spawn!

"They were normally shapeless entities composed of viscous jelly which looked like an agglutination of bubbles." - H.P. Lovecraft"

Layers 1-3
Splits in two.
Sprite entities foe slimegreen 31

Green Grandchild Slime

"The slimy little newborn creeps forth from its parent's remains.

The oily machinations of these creatures have become a familiar reminder that I am far, far from my mundane home. What yet awaits?

Layers 1-3
Leaves acid puddles upon defeat.
Sprite entities foe gibberer 01


"Oh horrors...this gaping eyed muttering monstrosity of nature...and it speaks!

In the rare moments when this thing utters something I can understand, the sublime and brilliance of what it says is almost too much to bear."

Layers 2-3
Distorts your view when you get close.

Stay close to it for a while to learn a dark secret.

Sprite entities foe drider 01


"I'm afraid to imagine what union of the real or supernatural could have spawned this human-spider hybrid.

Smaller spiders lurk beneath her livid carapace waiting for their moment to strike. I must be careful."

Layer 3
Spiders spawn near her upon death.
Sprite entities foe spidersmall 01


"A venomous spider native to these alls. The webs they spin reek with a foul odor.

I'm no skittish arachnophobe but these fiends give me a most dreadful sense of unease..."

Layer 3
Hops and explodes into tiny bullets.
Sprite entities foe beholder 01


"A weird knot of flesh with gaping eyes and twisted maw. By some invisible means, it hovers silently, watching.

It seems everywhere I turn, I am watched by some vile horror in this place..."

Layer 2-3
Fires a laser.
Sprite entities foe pharaoh 01


"This thing seems to be some throwback to ancient Egypt. It moves! How can this be true?

The very founding notions of Egyptology would be upended by this discovery..."

Layer 3

Temple of Qit Edit

Sprite entities foe vargouille 01


'"What a poor tortured thing! The wretched thing twists in endless agony as it flaps about.

The screams of this thing are unbearable to me. It seems a mercy to destroy them."

Layers 1-3
Flies and shoots bullets.
Sprite entities foe plasmoid purple 01


"This roving spirit of congealed psychoactive matter wanders here, unable to sate some limitless hunger.

I have seen these things linger near the bodies of the dead with a look of unholy glee across their twisted features...I have learned to fear more than mere death in my travels."

Layers 1-3
Goes through walls.
Sprite entities foe highcultist 01

High Cultist

"The zealots here have a hearing of even greater wickedness and cruelty. If these are some distant cousin to the human race, I feel it a blessing that we remain cut off from one another.

The endless chanting of some echoing ritual seems to ebb and flow with the tides. I have yest to observe the focus of their ritual and I fear it."

Layers 1-3
Shoots slower, wider bullets.
Sprite entities foe oldone 01

Old One

"A strange winged primordial thing. I've never witnessed such a strange being as this.

The eyes the beast possesses convey a weariness and knowing that must span millennia. How could such an ageless thing come to be?"

Layers 1-3
Moves away from you.
Sprite entities foe starchild polyp 01

Starchild Polyp

This weird half-being seems somehow connected to other Starchildren I encounter. Could they be some kind of lesser stage in their development?

Deep within my mind, I feel a strange resonance with these things when they are near. Can they hear my thoughts?"

Layers 2-3
Fires a lot of bullets that spread.
Sprite entities foe starchild 01

Starchild Scholar

"A wizened and strange Starchild ornamented with gold baubles. These violet beings must be an offshoot of their strange green cousins.

I have reason to believe that these creatures are among the furthest traveled in these realms. The influence of the Starchild is far reaching..."

Layers 2-3
Shoots more bullets in four directions.
Sprite entities foe deepone hammerhead 01

Hammerhead Deep One

"This grim predator hunts within these watery halls. Its face resembles a mundane hammerhead but it walks on legs like a man...

I wonder how similar these beings are to sharks native to earth seas. What spectrum or sense to can they perceive with that widened snout? I wonder..."

Layers 2-3
Shoots bubbles.

Grave of Time Edit

Sprite entities foe chitnor 01


"Some manner of intelligent insect being of a terrible size. Its carapace is saturated with a necrotic oil.

The click-clack of its mandibles sychronizes with a palpable alien rhythm I can feel echoing from beyond..."

Layers 1-3
Flying Chitnors swarm to the place a Chitnor died.
Sprite entities foe chitnor mage 01

High Chitnor

"Another of those blasted insects! It has a massive horn-like growth at the center of its race. 

I believe they use their weird horn to amplify the song of their fellows, but to where? Some distant hive? Their queen?"

Layers 1-3
Leaves an acid puddle upon death.
Sprite entities foe carrion fly 01

Flying Chitnor

"A vile flying member of the chimeric Chitnor race. I can still hear the foul vibrations of their wings...

These despicable things seem ever ready to cannibalize their own kin. What vile pit spawned with such uncaring horrors?"

Layers 1-3
Hordes appear when Chitnors die.
Sprite entities foe facemelter 01

Melting Face

"A strange spirit composed of coagulated magical energies. The face contorts in agony. What did this poor spirit suffer when alive?

I've tried communicating with the pitiful spirit to no avail. There is nothing I can do to bring it relief but destroy it..."

Layers 2-3
Distorts your view.
Mudpeople 01

Animated Clay

"What I thought was a shifting eddy in the soil arose and took the shape of a man! I was surely was not expecting this.

These clay people shift effortlessly back and forth between forms and the soil. I cant imagine what allows this. Is it magic or some strange adaptation?"

Layers 2-3
Won't stay dead for long.
Sprite entities foe infestedhusk 01

Infested Husk

"The long dead remains of some old humanoid God, are those eggs?! I think I'm going to be sick.

The despicable Chitnor can't even seem to let the dead rest peacefully. I pity this poor dead wretch, forced to play host to these vermin."

Layer 3
Unleashes Chitnor Hatchlings upon rotting.
Sprite entities foe skeleton pontiff 01

Skeletal Pontiff

These seem to be the high officers of some undead holy hierarchy. What use do the dead here have for faith?

It doesn't matter what these things are, they wield true, terrible power!"

Layer 3
Summons raining bullets.
Sprite entities foe chitnor small 01

Chitnor Hatchling

"A hatchling of the Chitnor race. I can see in its eyes the dull reflection of some vile inner light."
Layers 1-4
Hatches from eggs. Explodes into bullets.

Sprite entities foe egg 07

Chitnor Egg

"The inception of the vile Chitnor lifecycle begins with this foul, muddy looking egg. An oily ichor is smeared across its surface.

Something inside is violently trying to break free...dear God! How many of them are in there?!"

Layer 4
Multiple Chitnor Hatchlings rise from these eggs.

Carcassus Edit

Sprite entities foe demon incubus 01


"Male demonspace with freat arcane power. They seem to be consorts to the succubi.

How strange that these demon kin would manifest themselves in forms both repulsive and charismatic..."

Layers 1-3
Shoot raining bullets.
Sprite entities foe demon succubus satyr 01


"Female demonspawn with even greater powers than their incubi consorts.

These beast women demon kin seem to revel in their half animal nature...this place is terrible!"

Layers 1-3
Shoots Fireballs.
Sprite entities foe demon succubus bat 01

Winged Succubus

"Another form of the female demonspawn with vile, leathery wings. This truly must be a Hell!"

If this is Hell and these are the damned, why do they revel and rollick so?"

Layers 1-3
Shoots Hearts.
Sprite entities foe demon runner red 01

Restless Demon

"This running fiend must be sustained by some infernal force. It never seems to tire.

It may be that this unholy innervation is a manner of punishment placed upon these tormented creatures. Never to find rest or relief."

Layers 1-3
Charges towards you.
Sprite entities foe demon channeler blue 01

Demonic Channeler

"I fear what terrors these things could unleash if they joined one another and pooled their hellish energies..."
Layer 2-3
Fires bullets that spread.
Sprite entities foe imp blue 01

Blue Imp

"These capricious little devils plague me with their inane tricks. My only warning is the sound of their shill laughter. 

Although small, the imps command a disproportionate strength which I have grown to fear."

Layers 2-3
Hovers and fires bullets that spread.
Sprite entities foe skeletonblackcaged 01

Skeleton Penitent

"This pathetic wretch must be one of the pitiful damned. Muffled screams reverberate from within the cage it wears...

What crime did their poor thing commit when living to warrant such a torture? Deliver me from this place!"

Layer 3

The Lost Arcanium Edit

Sprite entities foe abyssalhorror01 01
Sprite entities foe abyssalhorror02 03

Abyssal Horror

"I thought I had sounded the depths of the unreal in my travels here, but no! These walking, writhing, mortal horrors! What perverse will of creation could spawn such a being?

My eyes are playing playing tricks on me. In these shifting and shambling horror forms I sometimes see my own face gazing back at me. I cannot be!"

Layers 1-3

Runs toward you.

(One version of the Abyssal Horror has its own Aspect Stone .)

Sprite entities foe witch white 01

White Witch

"A robed half-spirit that roams this place weaving terrible magic against me. I can feel her eyes boring into my soul!

Science, magic? What is real and unreal in a place like this? What place is this..."

Layers 1-3
Sprite entities foe witch black 01

Black Witch

"A dark shrouded witch of greaterevil agency than her pale sisters. I believe they are allied with lesser cultists I have encountered in my travels.

Oh spirit sorceress, matron of trans-dimensional coven. What strange designs do you pursue in this non-place between space and time?"

Layers 1-3
Revives White Witches.
Sprite entities foe skeletonblackskull 01

Skeleton Ancient

"The skeletal remains of an ancient humanoid ancestor. Could its elongated skull be natural or the result of some strange ritual?

I still question what link these being represent to human life on Earth. The implications of eitherr outcome is terrifying..."

Layers 1-3
Fires bullets in four directions continously.
Sprite entities foe sarcophagus 01


"An animated sarcophagus glided and jeweled...the thing would be worth a king's ransom!

I don't understand there some kind of dimension gate benath the lid? The dead issue forth from it at an ungodly pace!"

Layers 1-3
Summons Mummies.
Sprite entities foe mummy 01


"I can only assume that this is the corpse of some esteemed dead valued enough in life to warrent this preservation. The air around it is filled with a sooty incense that overwhelms my senses.

The sheer number of the dead I have encountered is beyond my ability to record. Poor victims of grim destiny, to be restless and dead..."

Layers 1-3
Sprite entities foe starchild elder 01

Starchild Anarchist

"This Starchild represents a paragon of its weird race. Others may be larger and physically more imposing, but the raw energy bound within these robes and rubbery flesh is astounding!

Its growing difficult...maintaining my concentration while my mind barraged by sheer force of will..."

Layers 2-3
Fires four lasers,
Sprite entities foe skeleton lich 01

Lesser Lich

"It seems more of the undead in this place have begun to ascend to a more perfect and powerful form of undeath.

Is this what it means to become master over death? Is this "life" after death?

Layer 3
Fires lots of bullets.

Bosses Edit

Fortress of Koth Edit

Sprite entities miniboss skeleton megalich 01

Sarashel, The Arch-Undead

"A lich of incredible age and power. He commands an innumerable legion of the dead.

The sole remnant of a dead dynasty. Sharsahel inadvertently led his family line into ruin over centuries."

Heart of Torment
Can be found at the end of Temple of Qit.
Sprite entities boss gemskeleton 01

The Crystal Council

"A gemstone infused council of elder skeletons, glittering with the promise of wealth and scintillating horror!

The crystalline being moves with a haunting sense of agency. It's movements nearly human, but too elegant. I find it haunting..."

Heart of Torment
A combined form of the Crystal Councilmen.
Sprite entities foe skeleton gem blue 01
Sprite entities foe skeleton gem green 01
Sprite entities foe skeleton gem pink 01
Sprite entities foe skeleton gem purple 01

Crystal Councilmen

"A glittering agent of the Crystal Council. It resembles a human skeleton encrusted with enormous gems.

These crystalline fiends radiate light from no apparent source. I find the effect dazzling! One can only imagine the shocking majesty of all four skeletons combined!"

Heart of Torment
Fuses into the Crystal Council.

The Ossein Swamp Edit

Sprite entities boss2 01

Dagon, Prince of the Antediluvean Sea

​"A chimeric aquatic monstrosity combining the worst qualities of the ocean's deep denizens.

​I can hear its call sounding from the deep like eldritch whale song. I must not answer..."

The Ossein Cesspool
Occasionally swims around to ram you.
Sprite entities bosses fleshbeast idle1 01

Otylosh, The Malignant One

​"This primeral mass of churning, living flesh betrays all anatomical reason I have come to understand.

Again I can hear voices chanting its name. Or are they calling my name? Dear god..."

The Ossein Cesspool

As its health lowers, its flesh falls off.

Can appear at the end of Grave of Time.

Maze of Ix Edit

Boss kahman jarToss f1

Kahman, The God Embalmer

"Once the royal embalmer for a lost kingdom. He uses his unsterile blade to slice organs from his victims."
Fires quick bullets.
Sprite entities boss3 01

Ghulvol, The Insatiable

​"This foul demon must be the overseer of this maze. The stink of its rotting orifice permeates every passageway.

​Ghulvol's eye casts a strange light about. It leaves me with a greater uncase than the vile reek of this place."

Spits out bubbles and acid puddles.

Temple of Qit Edit

Sprite entities boss1 01

Gur'chuul, High Starchild

​"A vile Starchild of immense scale and power. I can hear voices from all over chanting its name...

​I have yet to encounter a being of more foul potency. Gur'chuul must represent the pinnacle of the Starchild race."

The Altar of Qit'toth

Grave of Time Edit

Sprite entities boss chitnorqueen 01

Queen Vhexisis

​"My God...this must be the largest Chitnor I have seen. Her pulsing abdomen ripples with disgusting eggs beneath her skin."
Hive Burrow of Ur'lhemex
Lays eggs that become several Chitnor Hatchlings.

Carcassus Edit

Sprite entities miniboss incubus king 01

Prince Ziggur Vile

"The sickly and pale Prince, fawned consort of the Queen. Of all of her subjects, he has been able to captivate the whims of Queen Lucretia the longest."
First Furnace of Carcassus
Fights with Queen Lucretia Vile.
Sprite entities miniboss demon queen 01

Queen Lucretia Vile

"Lucretia Vile. Queen and High Dominatrix. Few here have witnessed her salacious beauty and not been driven mad with desire."
First Furnace of Carcassus
Can shoot Heart bullets.
Sprite entities boss4 04

Amon Morax, Champion of the Feast

"Surrounded by displays of gluttonous cruelty, this creature seems to be their champion. Such brutal and terrible power!

The arena quakes at it's very feet. It feels as if I stand before a primal force of nature rather than a being bound of flesh, bone and sinew."

First Furnace of Carcassus
Summons flame patterns.

The Lost Arcanium Edit

Sprite entities boss primalid 01

Primal Id

​"My god! Such power! This cannot knows my name, secrets I have never told a living soul? It beckons me close...

No! How could this be? It speaks to me. A shred of my psyche was loosed upon my entering the Deathstate and it became this...thing? No...No!"

The Seat of the Anarchist
Fires in an array of patterns; can summon a black hole to deal damage; can summon a sentry to fire 2 lasers.

Others Edit

Sprite entities foe skeletonblackgilded 01

Queen Umvorax the Glided Bones

"The undead remains of a queen who was obsessed by material wealth.

Her bones are suffused with gold. She is like a walking reliquary of horror..."
Drops a Organ upon death.
Sprite entities foe swampcultist unique 01

Zealot of the Architect

"These cultists worship an ancient power known only as the Dark Architect.

The Dark Architect was said to have laid eon long plans into place before retreating into nonbeing. What could be the cost of knowing these secrets?"

Activate a Planar Seals
Drops a Organ or item upon death.
Sprite entities foe beholder unique 01

Darkseeker Aosyeye

"The legendary matriarch of an dark seeking Observer cult. She is skilled in all manners of magic and has seen the forbidden stars.

Her eyes have grown wearied and pink over centuries of gazing into the dark light. Her many eyes are forever restless now."

Maze of Ix
Drops a Organ upon death.
Sprite entities foe mindflayer unique 01

Myr'Thekyo the Eye Flayer

"A traitor among his species, Myr'Thekyo is known for dealing in the rarest of rare Starchild eyes.

Beware encountering him fresh from a harvest..if only I could claim his great and terrible eyes for my own..."

Temple of Qit
Drops a Organ upon death.
Sprite entities foe skeletonblack unique 01

Baron Grex

"The notorious Black Baron of Koth, known for his cruelty, martial skill and dazzling breastplates.

The Fortress of Koth appears to have had an improbably long chain of despotic and tyrannical rulers. Has this place ever known peace!?"

Fortress of Koth
Gives you Baron Grex's Axe.
Sprite entities foe deepone hammerhead unique 01

Ghorgule, Bloody Judge of the Deep

"The merciless Ghorgule takes a perverse pleasure in executing the primal laws of the deep realms. Few survive the ordeal once accused.

Ghorgule is notorious for exacting personal punishment on the convicted. His favorite metod is slowly devouring a prisoner alive."
The Ossein Swamp
Drops a Organ upon death.
Sprite entities foe gug unique 01

The Grey Gug

"A freak of nature, this pale-skinned gug is shunned even by its own grotesque kin.

A life lived in torment in a place like this yieled a truly terrible beast. I pray I can avoid this abomination."

The Ossein Swamp
Drops a Organ upon death.
Sprite entities miniboss cthgreen 01

Starchild Emissary

"A Starchild of elevated stature. A traveler, or perhaps a hunter.

It seems if I tamper with these altars, I attract unwanted attention. I must be going!"

Activate a Hardmode Altar. 

(Activates Desecration)

Drops a Organ upon death.

Brings you to Desecration I.

Sprite entities miniboss cthblue 01

Neth'hexis, Starchild Elder Scion

"The Elder Scions of the Starchild race are among the most powerful beings I have encountered. Unparalleled in power among their lesser kin.

Neth'hexis represents a small subsel of Starchildren. Only the oldest and most cunning ever reach this vile pinnacle of existence."

Activate a Hardmode Altar. 

(Activates Desecration)

Drops a Organ upon death.

Brings you to Desecration II.

Sprite entities miniboss cthpurple 01

Ur'hexis, Starchild Chosen Seeker

"A very powerful agent of the Starchild race. Chosen Seekers are the vanguard explorers of new realms.

Ur'hexis posesses a mental dominance unlike any I have experienced. I can barely hear myself think between waves of psionic assaults."

Activate a Hardmode Altar. 

(Activates Desecration)

Drops a Organ upon death.

Brings you to Desecration III.

Sprite entities foe mummy big 01

Greater Mummy

"This is the preserved corpse of a member of an ancient space furing war-race.

Their Seed Comet must have traveled for millenia to find itself here."

Appears from Seed Comets.
Sprite entities foe mummy big knight 01

Greater Mummy Knight

"It seems that this giant race clad their most powerful warriors in brutal, magic-focusing armor.

What horrific battles did these war worn things wage throughout the cosmos?"

Appears from Seed Comets.
Occasionaly creates flames around it.
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