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Brawler is one of the playable characters that you can unlock in Deathstate. Brawler has the highest starting Attack stats out of any playable character. He has no known past before entering the Library.

In Somewhere Between, Brawler can be seen playing cards at the table and hanging out with Scar, Seeker and the Scientist when you're not playing as him.

In the Deathstate, enemies that Brawler gets close to will receive physical damage as indicated by a fist particle on screen. Brawler can also become invulnerable for 1 second, meaning he can get up close and personal without taking damage. As a downside, Brawler will never stop moving. Running into walls causes him to bounce away from them a short distance.


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Brawler exclaims that reaching the end of the Deathstate proves he is the strongest and that nothing dead, alien or worse will get in his way.

Character Endings can only be obtained by beating the game once and defeating Primal Id again.


  • Playing as Brawler and punching Primal Id will earn the achievement Unleash Your Ego.