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Embalmer is one of the playable characters that you can unlock in Deathstate. He has the lowest movement speed and fire rate of any playable character, making him sluggish at the start of a new run. Little is know of his past besides being an "ancient space pharaoh" retaining life through magic spells before appearing in the Library.

In Somewhere Between, Embalmer can be seen resting in his sarcophagus with the lid closed. Choosing to play as him will result in the lid being slid to the left.

In the Deathstate, Embalmer fires regular bullets as well as raining skulls that damage nearby enemies. His ability damages all enemies on-screen with a barrage of raining skulls at the cost of a hit point. Any enemies that are not slain from the ability will be inflicted with Plague instead. As Embalmer loses health, he becomes filled with rage as he turns red and increases the amount of damage he deals.


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Embalmer finds what he was searching for the whole time while in the Deathstate: Mittens the Mummified Puppy. The puppy was apparently taken/misplaced from Embalmer's burial chamber.

Character Endings can only be obtained by beating the game once and defeating Primal Id again.


  • Dying in Layer 1 of the Deathstate as Embalmer grants you the achievement, "The Roushey Award".