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Eye is one of the playable characters that you can unlock in Deathstate. Its past is not made known before arriving at the Library. It has the fastest Move Speed of any playable character and the lowest amount of Health with Skeleton King.

In Somewhere Between, Eye can be seen resting on a perch by itself when you're not playing as it.

In the Deathstate, Eye shoots lasers instead of bullets and has the ability to encircle itself with multiple laser beams.


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Eye finds several sentient floating eyes after stating that it has seen many things strange and impossible. It goes on to say that they will all leave the Deathstate and see the unseen.

Character Endings can only be obtained by beating the game once and defeating Primal Id again.


Collecting 3 Eye Organs as the Eye earns you the achievement Four Eyes.

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