Grimoire Description Type Effects Unlocked by
Sprite pickups books 05 small.png
The Bloodstone Bible: Old Testament
"The rudimentary founding text of a Bloodstone obsessed mystery cult. Most of the pages are torn and stained with blood. The knowledge within it sours sickness and despair."
Orbiting Grimoire
Follower fires plague bullets.
Sprite pickups books 06.png
The Bloodstone Bible: Orange Testament
"An advanced treatise of the Bloodstone obsessed mystery cult. It details methods of harvesting Bloodstones from ritual victims. Its corrupting influence radiates from its binding."
Orbiting Grimoire
Follower fires plague bullets.
Break the cosmic seal holding this grimoire. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite pickups books 15 small.png
The Dream Web Minor
"The pages of this minor tome seem to glisten with inlaid fibers made of star light. Scintillating star light lances out from within and threatens to pierce anything within your path!"
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 1 lasers
Sprite pickups books 16.png
The Dream Web Major
"The pages and binding of this tome are interlaced with mysterious star light fibers. Strange energy channels from beyond and pierces the souls of all who would oppose you!"
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 2 lasers
Break the cosmic seal holding this grimoire. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite pickups books 01 small.png
Grundy's Lesser Tome of the Eye
"The early works of the arch mentalist Gargullen Grundy. He was an early proponent of astral travel later driven mad by his obsession with the "mind's eye"."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 1 fireballs
Identify 25 different alien items of the planes.
Sprite pickups books 02.png
Wright's Greater Tome of the Eye
"The works of arch mentalist Wentraub Wright, expanding on the earlier works of Gargullen Grundy. Details the invocations which can be used to harness greater arcane power through focusing the "mind's eye"."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 2 fireballs
Identify 50 different alien items of the planes.
Sprite pickups books 09 small.png
Helix Invectus Minor
"A burdensome tome written in painstakingly illegible small scrawling script not meant to be read by mortal eyes, and you suspect not penned by mortal hands."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 1 waves of flame
Sprite pickups books 10.png
Helix Invectus Major
"A voluminous work nearly three times the size of the already impenetrable Helix Invectus Minor. A barely containable magic force threatens to sunder the binding and consume all around you!"
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 3 waves of flame
Kill 25 elite enemies.
Sprite pickups books 03 small.png
Mephistanen's Lesser Infernum
"A fragment of a tract written by the demon Mephistanen. Apparently recorded as fulfillment of some pact with a mortal, the whereabouts or identity of the original owner is unknown."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 1 icy bubbles
Break the cosmic seal holding this grimoire. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite pickups books 04.png
Mephistanen's Infernum
"A heartbreaking tome detailing the life work of Mephistanen inlitigious detail. Recorded within are the accounts of thousands of souls bargained and pilfered from the pitiful damned."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 2 icy bubbles
Kill 1000 Cult Members.
Sprite pickups books 07 small.png
The Octillion
"A bizarre text written in an eight dimensional glyph language. Looking at it's pages causes your head to spin and guts wrack with pain."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires at 8 extra foes
Kill 20 boss enemies
Sprite pickups books 08.png
The Octillion, Volume 2
"A more maddening, twisted treatise of the Octillion. You can barely withstand the gut wrenching power that leaps forth from its pages."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 8 lasers
Kill 150 elite enemies.
Sprite pickups books 11 small.png
Satharnen's Lesser Midnight Anchor
"Satharnen was foremost sorceror of the Night Lords. One of his early works. His greatest spells have been rumored to be able to cease planetary rotation, bathing one face in perpetual night and dooming the other hemisphere to slowly bake and burn under the light of the sun."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires at 1 extra foe
Sprite pickups books 12.png
Satharnen's Expanded Midnight Anchor
'"The extended rituals of the Night Lords and their foul overlord Satharnen. This baffling tome contains a nearly 70 page invocation to the cold, cloying darkness of the night."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires at 2 extra foes
Sprite pickups books 13 small.png
The King in Yellow, Acts 1 and 2
"A folio containing the fragment of a bizarre play. Rumored to drive all who read or see the play mad. It seems to exude a foul and sulphuric odor as you fan through the pages."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires at 3 extra foes
Sprite pickups books 14.png
The King in Yellow, Complete Edition
"The complete maddening masterwork of a vile playwright. The presence of this work fills your mind with unbearable notions of sublime, incandescent clarity."
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires at 6 extra foes
Feel the blessing of The King in Yellow.
Sprite pickups grimoires horror1 float.png
The Abridged Terrornomicon
"A truly terrifying work in supernatural horror. Rumored to have driven those unfortunate enough to have read its pages mad with fear. Merely opening the cover sends chills down your spine!"
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 1 fearful bullet
Sprite pickups grimoires ice1 float.png
Tempest's Frozen Tome
"A strange spellbook from an enigmatic sorceror known by the name of Tempest. It is said those who read the secrets within may find their very eyes frozen soild!"
Orbiting Grimoire
Fires 3 chilling bullets
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