Deathstate Wiki
Mode Description Notes
Sprite portal normal export 01.png
Normal The mode you start with. Activate Desecration altars for an added challenge to your runs.
Sprite portal insanity 01.png
Insanity Make it past the Fortress of Koth at least once. Enemies hit twice as hard and bullet patterns change.
Sprite portal endless export 05.png
Endless Beat Primal Id once. Enemies hit harder as you go through more layers.

Have the chance to earn new organs.

Seeded Unlocked after your first run Changes how the world is generated. Hitting "Seeded" changes the run to the seed code the player enters.

"Enter Seed" to create a preset run, where items and organs found stay the same as long as the same seed code is being used. The preset run changes as the seed code changes.

Hitting Seeded without manually changing the code will just result in the default seed being played. (000000)