Deathstate Wiki

Potions are pickups that you can find throughout the Deathstate. Potion effects are randomized with each run, so the color of a potion will not help the player to recognize what effect it can have. Scientist's ability can identify potion pickups, as an exception.

Sprite pickup potion 01.png

  • Health: Gives the player a full heart's worth of healing
  • Health+: Heals the player fully
  • Open Eye: Increases your vision and gives you a larger view of the map
  • Introspection/Introvert: Zooms in the screen and lessens your vision
  • Magic: Heals a bit of MP
  • Bomb: Fires bullets in a circular spread
  • Poison: Takes a half heart from your health
  • Dizzy: Distorts the screen (Tilting it from side to side)
  • Speed: Slows down time and enemy bullets for a short time
  • Slow: Slows your movement and bullets down for a while