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Pumpkin Man is one of the playable characters that you can unlock in Deathstate. He is the only cameo character that appears in Deathstate, debuting in the indie game Halloween Forever . Like most of the characters, Pumpkin Man has no known motive for entering the Library.

In Somewhere Between, Pumpkin Man can be seen resting in a potted plant in the corner when you're not playing as him.

In the Deathstate, Pumpkin Man shoots candy corn bullets that have a chance of inflicting the Fear effect on enemies, causing them to run away and not fire bullets for a very short time. His Special Ability gives him the power to scare all enemies that are visible on-screen, causing enemies to run away from the character for a short period of time. Enemies that are spooked will have pumpkin face particles around them for the duration of their Spooked ailment.

In Halloween Forever Edit

Pumpkin Man was just a regular pumpkin growing in a pumpkin patch, until an evil necromancer began casting spells and affected the patch. Pumpkin Man grew a humanoid body with overalls and went on a journey to find out why things are so scary around the pumpkin patch. He has the ability to double jump and shoot projectile candy corn at enemies.

Ending Edit


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Pumpkin Man recalls his old life where he was just a lonely jack-o'-lantern in a pumpkin patch. He goes on to say that in this new place, he found new friends, some of which like candy.

Character Endings can only be obtained by beating the game once and defeating Primal Id again.

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