Deathstate Wiki

“It’s packed with unlocks that have delicious flavour text and it’s a dangerous game because I want to spend all day playing it and that is not what today is for.” ~Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“What was already a nicely sizeable arcade roguelike has matured into a game that deserves to be one of the genre’s heavy hitters, packed with action, secrets, and frenzied Cthulhian bullet-hell carnage.” ~ Hardcore Gamer

“Okay, now I’m playing as a laser-shooting eye. Awesome!” 8.5/10 – GameCritics

"Great rogue-like with a ton of variety. The single stick shooting aspect is really fun because you can focus more on avoidance. The sheer amount of content for the price is what really has me impressed. Its nice to see a developer that cares." -bazgar357