Relic Description Type Effects Unlocked by
Sprite item relic idol black sun.png
Black Sun Idol
"An ancient idol used in solar eclipse rituals. Black light seeps from its core."
Hovering Relic
Launch 12 bullet(s) which cause entropy damage over time. (25 MP)
Sprite item relic bloodstone amulet.png
Bloodstone Amulet
"A mundane looking amulet with a blood red stone. It scintillates in unison with your heartbeat."
Trailing Relic
Make damage into health for 1 second(s) or 3 hits (50 MP)
Quaff (consume) 20 poisonous potions.
Sprite item relic bloodstone canopic jar.png
Bloodstone Canopic Jar
"A canopic jar sealed with a bloodstone. The still living heart of an ancient king writhes inside."
Trailing Relic
Smite a nearby enemy and return some of its life to you. (50 MP)
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic helmet blood.png
Hanavile's Helm
"The bloodied helmet of Hanavile, a violent warrior said to have shattered a planet's surface during a legendary fit of rage."
Hovering Relic
Harm yourself to induce rage, crippling you but doubling your damage for 6 seconds. (40 MP)
Defeat the Master on Desecration 2 or higher.
Sprite item relic mystery box cubic.png
Cubic Mystery Box
"An ornate mystery box. Believed to hold secrets and torment for those foolish enough to use it."
Orbiting Relic
Its labyrithine functions are unclear... (15 MP)
Sprite item relic darksteel plate.png
Darksteel Plate
"A small mundane looking plate with dark waves engraved on its surface."
Orbiting Relic
Become invulnerable for 3 seconds(s) (50 MP)
Sprite item relic crown duke koth.png
The Duke of Koth's Crown
"The crown of a deposed regent, once the lord of a spectral prison. He was consumed by the beast he was charged with containing. Somehow this crown survived the ordeal."
Hovering Relic
Fire extra bullets, Rank 2 (25 MP)
Kill the ancient evil guarding The Fortress of Koth 4 times.
Sprite item relic emerald warding stone.png
Emerald Warding Stone
"An unnaturally large emerald. It must have some mighty powers of protection."
Orbiting Relic
Become invunerable for 1 second(s) (40 MP)
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic idol gold canopic.png
Gold Canopic Idol
"A small, golden grimacing idol. Wisps of grave dust emanate from its mouth."
Orbiting Relic
Heal for 1 HP (50 MP)
Suffer 25 HP of damage
Sprite item relic iron maiden head.png
Iron Maiden Head
"The head of an iron maiden sealed shut with rust. Something is rattling inside."
Orbiting Relic
Explode in concentratic rings of flame. (15 MP)
Sprite item relic jeweled emblem.png
Jeweled Emblem
"A minor jeweled emblem used as a protective charm."
Orbiting Relic
Fire extra bullets, Rank 1 (15 MP)
Sprite item relic jeweled cross emblem.png
Jeweled Cross Emblem
"An uncommon emblem with a glistening enamel. The gold feels warm to your touch."
Orbiting Relic
Make damage into health for 1 second(s) or 1 hits (45 MP)
Quaff (consume) 50 healing potions.
Sprite item relic mystery box oblate.png
Oblate Mystery Box
"An evolved form of mystery box. Surely you cannot be foolish enough to use this?"
Orbiting Relic
Its labyrithine functions are VERY unclear... (15 MP)
Find a mysterious box.
Sprite item relic crown queen ix.png
The Queen of Ix's Crown
"The crown of a lost queen, the matron of an infinite labyrinth. Some say the eye pieces of the crown enabled her to navigate the maze. The crown remains and it is believed that she has been forever lost in her labyrinth."
Orbiting Relic
See more, move faster (30 MP) Find exit portals.
Sprite item relic idol three gem.png
Three Gem Idol
"A stout idol depicting a member of a long extinct race. Its eyes scintillate with a foul rhythm."
Trailing Relic
Cause explosion. Bring pain. (40 MP)
Sprite item relic cane tumerichan.png
Tumerichan's Cane
"The cane of a legendary sorceror. He carried this cane with him to the abyss and beyond in search of the rarest goods for trade and profit."
Trailing Relic
Curse 3 nearby enemy(s) with 3 ghastly affication(s). (25 MP)
Kill 50 Pharoahs
Sprite item relic crown mandira diadem.png
Mandira's Diadem
"The diadem of the wizard Mandira who suffered from a wasting curse until dead. This diadem was her power focus and it attracts arcane energy toward it."
Orbiting Relic
Start fires for a while. Go ahead. (40 MP) Find chests.
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic eye saint victor.png
Saint Victor's Eye
"The eye of Saint Victor, patron saint of the lost and the wretched. The golden rays emanating from the setting are said to guide those who wander toward sanctuary."
Orbiting Relic
Smite 3 random bystanders. (15 MP)
Find chests.
Kill 100,000 enemies
Sprite item relic eye yellow king.png
The Yellow King's Eye
"Rumored to be the eye of a long lost king. It has gazed upon the night of black stars and witnessed the depths of the lake of Hali."
Hovering Relic
Launch 12 bullet(s) that spread plague! (15 MP)
Sprite item relic gold vajra.png
The Gold Vajra
"A gold trident-like emblem used as a meditative power focus."
Trailing Relic
Nothing moves.. but you. Prevents firing. (40 MP) Quaff (consume) 10 introspection potions.
Sprite item relic hand saint athenabry.png
Saint Athenabry's Hand
"The only remains of a Saint who was stampeded to death by a bestial horde. On the skin of the palm is inscribed a calming prayer."
Hovering Relic
Invoke a word of Wonder, nulling all projectiles. (30 MP)
Show mercy to 1,500 enemies
Sprite item relic idol night star.png
Night Star Idol
"An idol emblematic of the Night Lords, a sorcery cult obsessed with perpetual night. Each idol carries the cold dark blessing of Satharmen."
Orbiting Relic
Launch a ring of fireballs. (30 MP) Expanded Insight
Discover 10 dark worlds.
Sprite item relic idol pygmy.png
A Pygmy Idol
"The relic of a tiny being. Gemstone shards form a crown radiating on unstable power."
Trailing Relic
All shall flee before you!
Sprite item relic idol vembrax.png
Vembrax's Idol
"An idol devoted to Vembrax, demon witch mistress of poison sorcery. Beings who sought her worship would slowly waste away uttering poison prayers."
Orbiting Relic
Launch 22 bullet(s) that spread a DEADLY plague! (35 MP)
Quaff (consume) 50 explosion potions.
Sprite item relic jade ankh.png
The Jade Ankh
"An ankh carved from jade with a glowing stone at its heart. You feel it has a life sustaining power."
Orbiting Relic
Flash Freeze everything nearby. (30 MP) Find exit portals.
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic mask achamian.png
Achamian's Mask
"The burial mask of damned wizard outcast from its people. This mask carries indecipherable inscriptions on its inner surface."
Hovering Relic
Fire extra bullets, Rank 4 (30 MP)
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic mask anubis.png
Anubis' Mask
"A mask depicting the grave guardian and embalmer god of an ancient people. Carrying this mask grants some resistance to the forces of undeath."
Orbiting Relic
Subtly change the nature of this realm. (30 MP)
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic mask gremulke.png
Gremulke's Mask
"The burial mask of a gluttonous demon lord. Legends say he once laid waste to a rival kingdom and systematically devoured its inhabitants one by one, living or dead."
Hovering Relic
Go somewhere else. (15 MP)
Break the cosmic seal holding this relic. (Kill a boss enemy and unlock the Planar Seals)
Sprite item relic meteor piece.png
Piece of Meteor
"Some fragile portion of a meteor encrusted with otherworldly gems. The mineral inside wields an attractive force, but the surface is brittle."
Orbiting Relic
Rain death EVERYWHERE! (35 MP)
Destroy 50 Sarcophagi
Sprite item relic planchette grundy.png
Grundy's Planchette
'The planchette of Gargullen Grundy, arch mentalist. Grundy would lead week long seances consumed by prophecy using this very planchette."
Orbiting Relic
Encircle yourself with spinning laser beams. (30 MP)
Kill 50 Starchild Anarchists
Sprite item relic shard quicksilver.png
Quicksilver Shard
"A sliver of frozen quicksilver set within a broken gold casing. Holding it close, you can feel your body quicken."
Orbiting Relic
Quickly fire 4 powerful blades. (10 MP)
Sprite pickups relic leystone crackedspiral.png
Cracked Spiral Leystone
"A mystic key line stone that has been weathered over time. Enameled on the surface is a spiral pattern. You can feel your magic energies begin to bend and twist in kind with the stone."
Orbiting Relic
Fire 4 spirals of bullets. (25 MP)
Sprite pickups relic bloodiedicestar.png
Bloodied Ice Star
"A star-shaped ice crystal fused together with coagulated blood. A chilling power imbues your magic now."
Orbiting Relic
Fire 14 spears of freezing ice. (25 MP)
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