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Seeker is the character that you first play as in Deathstate. She traveled to the Library when receiving a recent message from the Professor, talking of his research on the Deathstate after Professor Elinberg went missing for three weeks. As a result of entering the Library, she gets sucked into the Deathstate. She has average stats all around.

In Somewhere Between, she is seen sitting at the table hanging out with Brawler, Scar and the Scientist if you're not playing as her.

In the Deathstate, she shoots regular bullets and has the ability to launch 16 Entropy bullets that cause damage to affected enemies over time as long as it is in effect.


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Seeker accepts the fact that her Professor isn't the same person he was before entering the Deathstate. After leaving the Arcanium, she states that the Deathstate has given her new power and lost secrets, declaring her new mentor to be the Deathstate itself.

Character Endings can only be obtained by beating the game once and defeating Primal Id again.


  • Finding and equipping 5 different Grimoires as the Seeker grants you the achievement Seek and Ye Shall Find.