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Skeleton King is one of the playable characters you can unlock in Deathstate. Based on his Aspect Stone, he seems to be the first king that had ruled over the Deathstate. He also seems to be brittle and weak, with his description reading "Seems ready to crumble into dust at any moment." He has 1 HP, similar to Eye. and is arguably the hardest character to unlock.

In the Deathstate, Skeleton King lacks average damage, but makes up for it with an extremely large amount of Plague Damage. Since Skeleton King fires Plague bullets, it is easy for him to clear a crowd of enemies and destroy Elites in a short time. His low health and high plague damage make him a glass cannon.


After defeating Primal Id in the Lost Arcanium, Skeleton King claims his throne again as he laments about being "the most powerful undead king in the unknown universe." He stays seated as he goes to sleep, presumably for ten thousand more years.

Character Endings can only be obtained from a second win.