Deathstate Wiki
  • Collect as much stuff as you can! Make sure you have a relic, a grimoire, a weapon, and some organs before facing tougher enemies.
  • Choose the proper character to fit your play style. If you favor more damage and then Brawler may be your go to character. If you prefer faster movement speed then Scientist may be your go to character.
  • Make usage of your character's special trait! Use Priest's special trait to wipe all enemy bullets. Make sure you use your traits sparingly as each usage of a trait takes a certain amount of MP away.
  • Use the money you collect. A shopkeeper can be found around different layers that sell various items to help you defeat enemies easier. If you're missing something in your inventory such as a relic or a potion, make sure you buy it as it will prove quite beneficial to you when passing on to tougher layers.
  • Starcreep may not be able to consume organs from enemies, but that doesn't mean he can't buy any!
  • Brawler just can't stop moving. Use his ability to move constantly and mow through enemies for a short time.
  • Eye's Laser grows in power as you collect items designated to strengthen lasers, like the Optic Staff.
  • If you're looking for a challenge, activate an Altar and Desecrate the Deathstate! Or go through to a Dark Realm.
  • Scientist can conjure potions with random effects. Be careful with which one it ends up being!
  • Staying in a layer for too long will cause the Deathstate to react and shroud the layer in darkness. Your only chance is to get into the end portal before it catches up with you and ends your run.
  • Starcreep is not able to consume organs normally. However, buying organs from the Shopkeeper will negate that. Starcreep is only able to consume organs by buying them.